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    EMP -  Electromagnetic Pulse Presentation

March 7th, 2015

1 pm – 3:30 pm  

Delta Palladium – Delta, Utah


If you are unaware of what an EMP is, please click these links below and watch:

EMP-Bomb Threat  Scenario

2014 No. Korean EMP Attack Against America millions will die Government Insider

Think you’re prepared for any disaster? Think again!

EMP is a very real threat in our modern world. EMP can come from a solar flare/ solar storm; or from a nuclear detonation high up in our atmosphere.  When we experience EMP, (all statistics and studies say we will), it would shut down our entire “grid”. Cars would shut down right where they are, nothing electric would work, there would be no water to your home. Stores would run out of all products in a very short time, no further product would be delivered. No ability to get food, medication, no farming with modern equipment …  Unless you have a milk cow or the ability to grow a years’ worth of food, your life will change. What would YOU do? Statistics show 90% of us would die, not right away, but from complications from simple medical conditions or lack of hygiene which will spread disease or lack of food in only a matter of a few months.

We feel this topic is hugely under addressed; so our own Congressman Chris Stewart is willing to come to our Central Utah Region, area to speak on this! EMPact America is PAYING for General Kenneth Chrosniak from Washington DC to attend and speak to us as well!

Tickets are free but must be present, each ticket represents a seat in the Palladium that day, please don’t take a ticket and lose it or throw it away.  We are opening this up to everyone in the Central Utah Region (or those who are willing to travel).  If you have a ticket, you will get a seat.  Tickets available at Jubilee, Quality, Duanes, Pioneer and Richfield’s Fresh Market.

Please acquire childcare now, as we are asking parents not to bring children.  We want to make this one time presentation available to every adult that wants to be there. For additional tickets contact Janet Lindquist 435-979-0629.




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